the imagery of sound



Music is the universal language of mankind due to it's vibrational nature that resonates in our cells and provokes an emotional journey. It is the one thread that connects us all beyond language through a whole body experience. This aspect has inspired me to make music that invokes images of a journey, the inner journey as well as the cinematic one. 

My goal is to create a sonic environment that imbues the listener deep in the feeling of the music. My music is layered within the movement of the story, feeding such intangibles as memory, belief and experience. The most important aspect of my film music as that it feels authentic to the action and the audience, in complete service to the story, as it adds another element of deep communication.

My approach is to deepen the feeling of the music through subtext as opposed to directly commenting on the action of the film. My greatest interest in music is the ability to lock in the intention in the vibration of the music. It’s as if music is the sonic equivalent to brail in that it can be read and understood on an unconscious level. Memory and experience can all be triggered from the opening few bars or a few notes.

Music is the common thread that weaves through humankind and connects us all to the unfolding mystery of life. That’s the great gift and beauty of music . 

Music in film is the energy of emotion as if it's the fuel of feeling.