Russel has just released a breathtaking new video to YouTube. It's called  CONCEPTION  and it's a forth coming track off his new album. In the first week the video got over 16K views. It was composed as a vibrational support for those in the process of shedding what needs to be let go off and bringing in the new authentic self.

Russel has released a new Breath-taking video on YouTube.







       Russel is starting the process of arranging his works for Orchestra and will perform with the NZSO in 2018 as part of a new Composer Series. Russel will be recording and making a Documentary of the process to release as live Concert Recording.  The Concert series will tour New Zealand and begin a global concert series.

Russel to Perform with NZSO







        I’ve formed a new composer collaboration with Jo Blankenburg. Jo is an incredible composer living in LA   who has developed a beautiful and intense orchestral style all his own. Jo has been working in the Hollywood Trailers world the past few years and has recorded live with orchestras, developing an impressive body of work.    We have recently joined forces and have just produced the track, ‘The Art of Curiosity’ in the music section. We are currently in the early stages of looking at a number of scoring projects to work on.      

New Composer Collaboration set to begin.







       In 2016 I did work for a New Zealand Games Company Grinding Gears who have released 'Path of Exile'. It was a great collaboration and result.

Soundtrack for Grinding Gears New Game.







       Work is continuing on a new short about the Trump Protests. Millions took to the streets and it's a privilege to do the music in this important time.

Beginning work on amazing new short film.







       Russel has been working with his Arena Team for the last year as they have put together an extraordinary group of global talent to present what is shaping up to be the next giant leap in the evolution of live entertainment. Russel is partnered with Azam Ali & Loga Torkian. The show is set to open in 2019.

New Arena Show in Progress!







       More music for National Geographic.

Music for National Geographic TV.







       I produced the Award winning album for Kevin Keller in Oct, 2015 which won for Best Neo Classical Album at the ZMR awards.

Russel produces award winning CD.







       My Video for Ghost Dance from the album " Music for a Shift in Consciousness", won for Best Instrumental /Ambient Video from The Akademia Awards.. The shoot was a real challenge as it was from a Live Concert production at a Outdoor Festival in New Zealand. We had five cameras rolling at the same time as live projections, dancers, and me.

'Ghost Dance' Wins Best Instrumental/Ambient Video.







       Russel Produced & Arranged this now Classic Album that was nominated for Best Jazz Album in 2013 for Iconic Singer Whirimako Black. Russel worked with legendary Mixer Joe Zook who has mixed for U2 & Katy Perry.

Russel Produces Best Jazz Album Nomination,







       I had the great privilege to work with renowned author Dr. Bruce Lipton, who wrote the best selling book, ‘The Biology of Belief’. The music was written as a sonic equivalent to the message in the book, which illustrates the power of Belief on our cells and Health and the picture of our reality.

Russel works with International Best Selling Author Dr. Bruce Lipton.